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Season 2 To Preview April & Leo’s Wedding Jitters

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    Hope you have your tissues ready for season two of ‘Chasing Life!’ With April and Leo being newly engaged, we’re anxious to see how she’ll tell the family, what Dominic’s reaction is, and of course the wedding planning. Luckily, we chatted with the EP to get all the dirt.

    April (Italia Ricci) and Leo (Scott Michael Foster) are about to face the world

    How’s this season different than the first?

    We are going into so many different, new territories with April’s life and the show overall this season. It’s really really exciting. We’ll move past the newspaper for April; we didn’t want to feel like we were stuck in that world. Once you have what you think is your life ambition, wanting to go into something new and different, is exciting. That’s one side of it. Then there’s getting into the institution of marriage, what that’s like. As they head to the alter, when they’ve only known each other so short of time, of course there are concerns.

    When will we see the wedding?

    It’s about midseason — were about 13 episodes. What I’m really exciting about is what were doing with April & Leo is, diving in to ‘How do we get on the same page as two people who are gonna spend a life together?’ I remember when I got married, everyone told me and my husband it was all about communication — but it’s not just telling each other you’re schedule, it’d so much more than that, and I haven’t seen that in television.

    So will there be hesitations?

    They’re both going to have [some] hesitations. A lot of what prepped Leo to propose was April worrying about not being able to see her own wedding. It’s an honorable and admirable thing that he’s doing, but it’s a question about how does it withstand the longterm.

    What about Dominic?

    When he realizes they’re engaged, it forces him to focus on his feelings and how deep they are. It falls in that that group of “speak now or forever hold your peace.” He’s figuring out what he wants . . . and that’s April. He’s an important person in her life.

    We see Brenna kissing someone that’s not Greer!

    This season, we’ll see less of Greer. She remains in [Brenna’s] life, as someone who she cares deeply about, but she explores different options — one of them is with an older woman. It shows a very generational group of young women, who are exploring. It’s amazing. And, there could be a male interest this season.

    What part will Beth play in April’s engagement?

    “Well, Beth finds herself in an interesting role reversal with April from the first season. She’s career driven now, that involves work, and now, April is trying to enjoy life! As for the planning, there will be an insane bachelorette party that maybe or may not involved Emma and male strippers.

    We can not wait! Chasing Life season two premieres on ABC Family tonight at 9pm!


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