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Beat the bloat with these foods

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    <CENTER>Beat the bloat with these foods” width=300 height=225></CENTER>
    <P>We all go through those (frankly embarrassing) days when the stomach bloats up. And sometimes no matter what you do, nothing really helps.</P>
    <P>Experts say that while green tea is the one thing that will help you feel (a bit) at ease, there are other certain foods that will help as well. Here are some of them…</P>
    <P>- Women face the bloating problem more than men thanks to their monthly menstrual cycle. One of the most common symptoms of PMS is bloating and water retention. Instead of eating foods that will just worsen the situation, try some salmon. The fish has omega-3 fatty acids that will help you avoid that bloated feeling and even keep mood swings at bay. So, the next time you’re planning your menu for that time of the month, make sure you include salmon in it.</P>
    <P>- Flaxseeds aren’t just great for your heart health but work wonders when it comes to being an effective remedy to treat bloating. When you have them as they are or ground them into powder, they’re just as effective in treating bloating thanks to their fiber content.</P>
    <P>- Instead of glugging down fruit juices, to try and remove the bloated feeling by chopping fruits in small pieces and simply adding them to a jug of water. Since they are easily digestible, you won’t even feel uncomfortable.</P>
    <P>- Avoid salt when you’re bloated. Stay away from fried and junk food and go extremely easy on the salt when you’re feeling bloated.</P>
    <P>- Have a cup of curd to battle the bloat. Simple and effective, it will make you feel better quickly.Read more here:</P>

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